Co-funded by the European Union (LIFE14 CCA/GR/000928)

Development of adaptation strategies of agriculture to climate change impacts, official adoption of project results by the public administrations

The case of Cyprus

In Cyprus, the "National Strategy for Adaptation of Cyprus Agriculture to Climate Change", developed in the frame of the ADAPT2CLIMA project, was finalized last summer and set on public consultation from September to November 2019. On November 1, 2019, the Strategy was presented at the Agricultural Research Institute’s (ARI) headquarters in Nicosia with the presence of Mr. Costas Kadis, the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment.

In his speech, the Minister stressed that the National Strategy for Adaptation of Agriculture to Climate Change proposed by the project is in line with the National Strategy for Climate Change Adaptation and the relevant Action Plan. He then added it could also effectively support the initiative of the President of the Republic of Cyprus on climate change, as this initiative concerns Mediterranean countries with similar climatic conditions and climate change impacts. Moreover, the completion of the National Strategy for Adaptation of Cyprus Agriculture to Climate Change coincides with the preparation of Cyprus' Rural Development Program 2021-2027 and enables policy makers to integrate adaptation measures in the forthcoming RDP.

The Department of Environment, i.e. the competent authority on climate issues, decided, not to adopt the National Strategy for Adaptation of Cyprus Agriculture to Climate Change as sectoral adaptation policy under the National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy, but instead incorporate adaptation measures in the revised Action Plan for Climate Change. In addition, the Department of Agriculture undertook to incorporate certain adaptation measures in the New RDP Programme 2021-2027. To this end, following the presentation of the National Strategy for Adaptation of Cyprus Agriculture to Climate Change, officers responsible for the preparation of the RDP 2021-2027 and the revised Climate Adaptation Action Plan contacted Dr. Markou from the LIFE ADAPT2CLIMA ARI partner, in order to consult and include in their documents the adaptation measures proposed along the project.

The case of Sicily

The “Guidelines for the regional adaptation strategy of agriculture to climate change impacts”, developed in the framework of the project, represent the first political orientation document towards a Regional Strategy in Sicily. In the Guidelines, the adaptation measures as proposed by LIFE ADAPT2CLIMA project, will be considered as a streamline for the future planning of the 2021-2027 Rural Development Program of Sicily.

On December 2019, the draft of the Guidelines was shared with the General Manager of the Regional Agricultural Department and placed on public consultation on the web-site of the department (December 12, 2019), in order to allow a wide participation and collection of the needs of the territory's stakeholders. On January 20, 2020 the final version of the Guidelines was forwarded to the regional Councilor for agriculture for the subsequent procedure of official approval by the Regional Government. The Guidelines were approved by the Regional Government with the Deliberation nr 57 of the Regional Council on February 13th, 2020. Based on the Guidelines, the Regional Council issued the Deliberation nr 58, which approved the “Program for the construction of an artificial reservoir for Sicilian agriculture” an official and concrete example of the adoption of the results of the project.

The case of Crete

In the immediate future, once the required tender procedures will be concluded, the development of the Regional Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change for Crete will commence. Therein, and with respect to the agricultural sector of the plan, the Region of Crete will take into account the results of the ADAPT2CLIMA decision support tool, for identifying crops' vulnerabilities and selecting the proper adaptation measures.